Your site was hacked Message: I Hack This Site To Convert A message From Syria To the World We don't attack any one, we just defend on our country and ourlselves In respone to your government's support of terrorist cells, Located in several cities in Syria, kidnap and kill Syrians, and implement the most heinous massacres, Sush as the Hula massacre with killed 108 perople, include 50 children, mostly under the age of ten We Hack this Site as a clear message that we send by the name of the great Syrian people to the Government of your country Stop killing the Syrians because history will not forgive and will never foget We Are All With our leader Bahsar Al-Asaad

Hacked By Wolf Hacker

Syrian Hackerz
| we are Syrian Hackerz | w3 n3v3r G1v3 Up | n3v3r f1ght w1th us | n3v3r try t0 f0ll0w us | Do n0t mak3 us c0m3 back aga1n | Greetz to Our beloved leader Bashar Hafez Alassad & the Syrian Arab Army & All SYRIANS

Hacked By Wolf Hacker


By: Wolf Hacker

Hey Admin,
Your Website Syestem Is Low Security
Please Patch Your Syestem Or I'll be back
I Don't Delete Your Database So Don't Worry !!
I Just Hacker Not Cracker